Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rye Pier Sunday 13th Feb

Had a sleep in then after morning chores we went for a walk following the bike track to the Rye Pier, and I was very brave and went for a walk the full length of it.. the boards creeking and cracking..but I made it to the end where we found lots of fishing going on...

Its a famous pier also for scuba diving its also called "Octopus Garden"

The Pier is one of the most frequently dived locations in Victoria, suitable for novice snorkellers and divers. Apparently lots of different sea creatures just under the pier but only the scuba divers can see these :(
The local residents report seeing three species of seahorse, many different species of octopus, amazing soft corals and sponges. There are hundreds of different species of marine creatures including angel sharks, blennies, goatfish, gurnards, flounder, flathead, nudibranchs and even the occasional Wollongong Bug

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